Reviews for "World Defense"

Brilliant idea for this game.

You could catagorize this is as similar to the "Missile Command" games, but this is truely something unique and different. It is innivoative in the way that you can spin the earth around to avoid all the asteroids as they reach the earth (speeding up as they come close to the planet is a nice touch) and being able to upgrade after each stage.
It could do with a larger shop mode though, with more power-ups.

almost perfect game, nice job

pretty cool game, i wish the buildings had a defense system though


Very original game but tends to get repetitive.

Very cool music!

great game

very original idea. I agree with sebcio the music is annoying and i think an option to use the arrow keys to rotate should be included.


An original way too make a game. A tad repetitive, but it was worth playing.