Reviews for "World Defense"


i found radar to be kinda useless and i couldn't figure out how to use the magnet bomb :S

liked the music alot for some reason. even though it sounds like something they'd play at abercrombie & fitch.

great game!

the graphics were pretty good in this, i mean you could tell what things were what witch is good in this type of game. the sound was a pretty good choice aswell i liked it. there was lots of interactvity, the storyline of this is also very cool.

well there were some little things that buged me

-you couldent tell how much $ you had
-when you'r ozone layer wasn't destroyed it cost the same amont to repair.
-the ozone thing cost the most when it wears off
-some of the buildings stuck out of the ozone layer(not realy bad but kinda anoying)

great fun game (submitted to defence games)


nice game make another (not a blame)


i havent played any other game like it!
i always enjoy armor games


Great game.
I love how when the cracks got deep enough, you could see the core!