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Reviews for "World Defense"

Forget the music gameplay matters and guess wat

this game is the best thing ive ever played on newgrounds!doesnt require 2 much skill,its higly addictive lots of planet carnage soooo heres my point......GET YOUR ASS PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
That's right! If you don't like the music turn it off at the options! Hurray!

Innovative and Fun

This was an excellent game.
GRAPHICS 7 : Basic, but in a way that emulates some of Nintendo's cell shaded games.
STYLE 10 : Like I said, it was very innovative and had a lot of originality for being a defence game.
SOUND 10 : Music fit in well with the theme, and different sized astroids sound different.
VIOLENCE 2 : No blood, but this isn't nessesary for this type of game.
INTERACTIVITY 8 : The controls are a tad touchy, and I would like to buy multiple bombs and activate the ozone during gameplay.
HUMOR 0 : There's nothing funny about meteors hitting the world. ;)
OVERALL 9 : Great game just needs a little tweeking with the powerups, and perhaps more levels.

BTW, What happens when the core is exposed?

Pretty good.

Yep, pretty good, a lil too hard past level 15, but pretty good overall. The only thing I'd complain about is that earnin enough money for the bomb and the ozone layer later on is too hard, making the game almost imposible in the final stages. But heck, I really liked it.

very original

i played to 10 and quit but that was pretty fun. Good job, very different.

... Wow

Awesome. That is the most addictive game I have ever played. My only gripes are:
You need more upgrades(maybe a moon that orbits the planet, blocking some meteors)
The continue after game over feature seemed a little buggy (the "super ozon"'s damage was kept, and the level progress wasn't)

And the "super ozon" upgrade:
the upgrade was slightly helpful, but was over priced for what it was, and most of the time I felt like I played better without it. Maybe next time make it slow down the meteors, and make them smaller as they burn up in it.

Also, the buildings were... somewhat annoying. I often let the big buildings(the tower and armor studios) be destroyed so I wouldn't have the hassle of keeping meteors from hitting the giant things.

But, as much as I can criticize it, I LOVED this game. And I thought it was pretty creative with the controls. Definitly one of the best games on NG!