Reviews for "World Defense"


not much to add its a good game


Original gameplay.. a plus. Nice style aswell. Good effect of the HL2 grenade explosion sound

two things that sucked about it: the enhanced ozone layer.. Bloody useless and expensive, and sometimes the mouse lost it's hold.

Nice game!

Excellent game! Though there would be no way to realisticly rotate an entire planet at will, this was a very fun game to play.

However, there is a bug with overwriting past games. When starting a new game and overwriting a previous score the new game cycles through all beaten levels. Just thought you might know...

Preaty good

Great game but you could have had some better music in it, altough the title screen music was awsome, at first you dont even have to try pretty much to get past the first 10 levels or so, thats when the game starts to get interesting, ive made it to lvl 20, that armor games building is hard to defend man!


Ive played alot of defence games so i know all the kinds But this is a brand new idea Way To go.Alrite now for my inner critic to come out.

Alrite a few ways to make it better
1.make it so you can buy and place buildings that help you defend agaisnt metors
eg.Missle silo,Sattelite etc.
2.different metors throw in a space ship for good humor
The reason you got a ten on humor is cause in the later levels i drilled to the core x.x
Anyway keep up the good work and pay attention to my tips
(id give you a 6 if i could you hardly ever see a new idea anymore