Reviews for "World Defense"


That game was awesome! The ozone is my best friend! 5/5!

Pretty good

at first it was kinda boring cause the meteors came falling down 2 slow and there wasn't that many, but around round 13 or so it got interesting. It was a good game, but i think you should put more upgrades in it.

good, but

i really want more upgrade, i mean....3 upgrade, one that stays forever, and 2 that's limited ( one bomb, and parts of shield =( )
nice work, that can b better!!

Fun, and even original.

This is definately a fun defense game with it's original twist. I like it. The lack of weapons, the lack of death in general was interesting. Not something that many people would do or think of. I give it a huge thumbs up.

A nice game

brilliant physics, cool graphics and good difficulty.
by the way, at the start of each level, right click and go to settings. close this box and you can turn the planet without holding down the mouse.
(must have left clicked planet first.)