Reviews for "World Defense"

nothing too new or intoresting

i think this game would be much more fun if you had like a turret to kill the meteors with and for upgrades you could get 1 space fighter or something.Also i didnt like the music.

nice game

sound was very annoying. got to last lvl and couldnt afford a shiled thing! last level was very hard and rest was easy which was annoying but keep it up coz it kept me busy for a while ;)

Fun game.

I had a lot of fun till level 11 or twelve, where I got bored. I ran out of things to buy. You need something to do after that. Here are my suggestions.

A story. It doesn't have to be original, but if we knew something was happening, it would be a goad to continue.

A gun. You could seperate the commands so that the spinning could be done with the arrows, and you could shoot with the mouse. Obviously you'd have to buy the gun, and would have upgrades.

Aliens, or new meteors. I got bored with asteroids.

The earth doing cool things. If it shot lava out randomly, from the holes, that would look cool.

Add some of these things in a sequal, and I'll play it to the end.

meh, ok.

At first this game is interesting, but after you buy all the stuff, it gets boring. More diverse things can help or upgrades, the ozon thing could be upgraded to 2-3 layers for example. the game is smooth actually, just like many games it's repeating itself and that gets boring after the first...10 levels.
Graphics were cool, i liked it. style was not to my liking. sound - the music was annoying, horrible. Overall - 6.

Fresh new game?

This is a remake of a very, very old game which I believe was on the Atari...