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Reviews for "World Defense"

Fun but not very good game play

I think its very cool that you had a new idea. But it gets very boring at like level 5, because its does not have much things to do. Very little upgrades, (And I dont know how to use the Bomb thing) and the music is very,very annoying! How do u stand the music for 21 levels when I couldent even stand it for 3 levels. I gave a 4 because of the explosion sounds, those sounds I like! Also the graphics were very well. Keep it up.

Pretty good.

Yep, pretty good, a lil too hard past level 15, but pretty good overall. The only thing I'd complain about is that earnin enough money for the bomb and the ozone layer later on is too hard, making the game almost imposible in the final stages. But heck, I really liked it.

Good game!

I don't know what that last guy was bitching about. But seriously... if you can't even get past the first level of that game... you should probably just quit coming to NG.

Good game, great style, and I definitely look forward to seeing more of your work.


Original game, but no excitement. I didn't pass the first level. Simply because I hardly had to do anything. I know it was the first level, but even the first level needs to have some degree of difficulty.

It's original!

The only criticism (i think that's how you spell it) is that there weren't enough tools to use, and they were expesnsive to obtain. Other than that i did thoroughly enjoy it.