Reviews for "World Defense"


needs more upgrades and different kinds of enemies with different attacks


Very original game but tends to get repetitive.

Very cool music!

Its simple but enjoyable

Because i like playing games which are simple this is one i like a lot. I love the fact that when you die you can pay points to survive. I played the game to complete it not to get a high score so when i got the offer to continue by paying points i was overwhelmed. From the other games ive played on here this is the only one which has the feature which lets you continue from where you were. Also i like the fact that you have to pay as it gives you a choice. (should i submit my score of 56000 or play with a score of 13000 and try to get it up again?)

anoying music

Iv played this a few times on varios websites but each time its ruined by the rewally really shit music. Where the hell did you find it, its just so anoying:(

Very Interesting Idea

I love the idea of turning the earth to avoid the meteorites. It's very clever, however after a while it starts to get a bit repetative. Maybe you should try adding some tweaks?