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Reviews for "World Defense"

nice game

I liked the game. it's very different to other games. it's something new. I liked playing it and ill be trying to beat the game. I got up to level 18. it gets very hard. But if a second one hits the site. ill be into it.

Very creative

The idea is good and the graphics are nice but the game itself becomes very boring after a short while and the music is extremely annoying. The upgrades are not too exciting so sadly a great opportunity was wasted.

More interactivity (different upgrades) and not always those meteors (why not types with varying kinds of damage) could have improved this one by a great deal.


i think my eyes are imploding... i really liked were you were going with this but it just got so god dang boring! i am not kidding on level4 i was actualy putting eye drops in my eyes listening to loud music and drinking coffee to keep myself awake and my eyes from not imploding! sorry for being harsh but i just wanted ya to know =-)


you should get a weapon or something like a turret and you should be able to shoot meteors back i dunno but definitely a weapon


its not supposed to have diffferent enemies ur defending a planet against asteroids lol besides itll get a bit unfair if u started getting ufo shooting giant lasers at the planet eh