Reviews for "Dumbass Luigi"


i loved this flash/sprite. it was funny as hell man. great job


This flash actually made me laugh out loud! It was so hilarious! The jokes were original and very funny. The graphics were great! The flash ran smoothly. It was very creative. The music was really good and the quality was good as well. This flash was better than Dumbass Mario. It was very hilarious! I like how you animated some parts instead of just always using sprites. A lot of the parts were random but very funny which I liked. The whole flash was awesome!

Pretty badass.

We all know Luigi just needed some trainin' to be an ass-kicker. :P Sweet graphics, hilarious moments, and random at almost all times. Plus the music selection was spot on.

Yo that was tight

It was tight funny and alot of more
i must c da others

10/10 best i have ever seen

this video is so hilarious you have to make more!!!plz.