Reviews for "Dumbass Luigi"

Possibly the funniest movie I've seen in ages.

This was great, the humour as always is the best part of the flash, but I feel that this one has also been animated better than your previous works. Some of the random bits (i.e. the Weird Al part) was funny and it also shows that you're amazing at drawing as well. There was some parts though that made me think 'what is going on?' like the Luigi and Shyguy part (although that paticular part made me laugh so hard when the joke came).

Graphics: Sprites, you either love them or hate them, I of course love them. But not the recoloured ones as much as the original sprites. You also didn't change that Mario spin to the darker colours. You also showed great drawing skill as well, which I was glad to see in the movie.

Style: Sprite animations do get old, even I'll admit that. But I think this movie was very well animated.

Sound: You can't beat Weird Al (except with a stick : D ) music, so that part I loved, Also the musoc you used were high in quality which was a plus.

Humour: It's Bigfoot3290, so obviously it's the best of the best in humour, but having said that the Luigi/ghost part I didn't like as much as the rest.

Overall it's an excellent movie was great humour and animation, but you can't just end the movie there ;-; where's Luigi huge asskicking? Lol at least the credit music rules, I hope I didn't bore you out with this huge review.

Here have a redbull!!! LMAO

OMG this thing was amazing can't wait till the next one!!! There will be a next one right??? Anyways amazing amazing do it again make a new siries after you finish this one!!!! AMAZING

Very funny!

I enjoyed this movie so much, that I voted it the second best flash of August. The whole entire movie was hilarious. Great job!

First, a badass review synopsis... (Yeah, right!)

I like your "Dumbass" Mario series and hope to see more in the future. Perhaps "Dumbass Bowser" is a possibility in the near future?


red bull gives you wiiiiings xDDDD