Reviews for "Dumbass Luigi"

Awesome !!

Phew ! it's been a while since i've seen a good spoof like this one !
i just loved the way you expressed Weird Al's polka xD

but the best part was definitly the Training of Luigi !!

Oh heck, the whole movie was gr8 ! ^_^

KeeP iT uP !!!

Take Care & Greetz Blastercombo

Both dumbass luigi and mario are awesome!

I loved them both I hope u make a dumbass wario and waluigi too, (or bowser that would be so damn funny!) great work as usual keep it up! :D


This was very funny, but i really wanted to see luigi fight bowser,too bad it ended there....Please try to make a sequel or something



way to go, i was laughing the whole time, keep it up!


Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh my god I can't stop laughing...