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Reviews for "Dumbass Luigi"

Oh god, the boo... you sir, woke my entire family up. I love you, and will hurt you violently if you don't produce more of this amazing stuff.

it's fantastic!!!!!!

Bigfoot3290 responds:

Thanks man :D

best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!

Bigfoot3290 responds:

Thanks man. Glad you liked it :)

ive heard of shitting bricks... but omg, that Boo didnt just poo coins, he machine gunned those things out lol... amazing job!!

This was badass. Nice choice of music. It was just hilarious when Luigi smashed that Shy Guy and his body parts were all over the place. It was also funny when Mario punched that Goomba's head upside down. I also like the use of Tourettes Guy audio. Full rating.