Reviews for "Dumbass Luigi"

Luigi doesn't get the credit he deserves... First he taught a shyguy how to jump. Then he taught it how to run. Then he did a super-jump and killed it, and got a million points in the process. I think you guys underestimate him too much lol

I have to admit. this was a well made video. but..... it doesnt really make much sense. in fact, only the beginning of this movie even relates to the title. im sorry for my rating being low compared to the others. but i really just dont understand the point.

Luigi: oh yeah time to get my a game on! *sees goomba* .......... OH SHIIIT!!!!

I could watch this video again and again and always laugh. And the peach take 2 part made me lose it!
I was laughing so hard at that.

Take 2 of the Peach segment. KILLED ME. >:D