Reviews for "Dumbass Luigi"


"Here, take this Red Bull" - gives him wings. HAHA. Whats with the ending? I was hoping to see him kick some ass. Still not as funny as Dumbass Doom. I like your drawings better than the sprites, you have an awsome use of colour and shading. I hate it when the sprites go close to the screen, they look way too pixelated. Great flash, it was more detailed than your other ones, which was good. Keep it up.

bugged here

This is even better than your Dumbass Mario movie. And thats saying a lot. A lot of the drawn facial expressions were hilarious. I think I'm now 10 percent dumber then before I watched this movie, and I'm lovin' it.

<3 bugged

So damn funny as dumbass mario

This was so funny i was so red laughing when he kill that shy guy and when he is getting taught how to fight.you should make part 2 on this.Good Work! A 10!!!

pretty good

it was good(especially the nfl music) but it shoulda been more random like the mario 1

Keep 'em coming!

awesome, I like this one better than Dumbass Mario just because there's so much more fun to this one.