Reviews for "Dumbass Luigi"

Awwwww meeeeen!!!

Why did you end it like that? I wanted to see when Luigi kicks some ass.

its funny

very very very very ...funny

zomg luigi has guts to fas bowser lik that. XDXDXD

very good keep up the good work 'o' sultan of LMAO :D


Dude, an awesome piece of flash you have there!
It has great backgrounds and sprites, the animations are smooth and go well. Sound is great and...
Keep it up -_^

Simply excellent!

Another smash hit by bigfoot! Dude! This movie was way so funny and really well animated! I also liked the choice of this movie, which is great too! And also the quality was amazing just for 3.9 MB!
I really liked the backgrounds of the movie, it wasn't just a simple background image like most sprite movies have. In less words, this was excellent!10/10

Note: I watched this when it came out 2 years ago and I loved it! But I will finally review it! =D
Note 2: MY 100th FLASH REVIEW!!! YAY! =D =D

Keep it cool Jeremy! ;)