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Reviews for "The End of Clocks"



Yay, I loved this stuff!

Oh my, out again, and I missed ACD! Shame on me! But I'm pretty sure this was the best one submitted on that day. The joke was hilarious! And the drawings were cool.


Omgee responds:

Ha, thanks for the kind words. I don't think this was the *best* one submitted that day (check out Toad Clock's "Piratey" if you get a chance), but it was fun to make, and the ten people who actually watched it seemed to like it alright. :)

Did you find the easter egg?

I am your saviour!


You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!

I am kinda freaked out, cuz I never saw the saviour flash before, and it is beautiful, now I got it twice in a row. Yours deserved it, great job. I really enjoyed your submission. :)

The saviour I was directly before this one is what freaked me out, cuz I voted 0 for some crap and it said I was the saviour?!?! wtf?!?

Omgee responds:

I think the saviour flash is awesome, too. It's rare to actually see it, and to get it twice in a row is amazing.

The saviour flash comes up whenever the 200th vote is cast and a flash passes judgement. Even if you vote to blam it, you'll still see that flash. I've had that happen a couple of times, and it always makes me feel kind of cheap, like I don't deserve to be the saviour because I hated that crappy flash. I've never had the opposite happen, where I voted to protect something and got the blam movie. That would annoy me for different reasons. LOL

Anyways, I'm glad you liked this movie, and I hope you'll check out my other work.


This made me laugh, it had good music and nice graphics. I liked the guy smiling at the end. I feel I understand a bit more about the clock crew now.

Omgee responds:

The guy at the end was Luis, who is the dude who organised Anti Clock Day. He's smiling because he loves cake, and even though he pretends to hate Clocks, he really loves them. :)

Among other things, the Clock Crew is about having fun, even on a day when people are supposed to be making anti-clock flash. All the bad things you've heard about us are probably mostly wrong. If you ever decide to get Flash and start making movies, you should come check out the Crew... it's a good group, and many of the members are really helpful.

Thanks for the great review!



Omgee responds:

A man of few words. I respect that. <3 to you, too, and thanks for the review!

Have I ever told you

that I love you so? :')

Thank you for using me in a good flash :D Even though I was kind of looking foreward to you using an actual battle song in an actual battle. LOL!

Got a chuckle outta me. I think that its time that this goes on my favorites. IN THE NUMBER ONE SPOT.

*oos and ahs from all directions*

Remember, if you can't find a song type that you need in the 300+ (soon to be 350+) songs that I have, don't be afraid to ask :)

Excellent work. Keep it up, fewl!


Omgee responds:

Ha, whoa, number one spot? That's pretty cool. Thanks, dude.

Glad you liked this one. It'd kind of suck if you hated the movies that I put your music in, y'know? As for future stuff, I actually do have a couple of ideas in mind, but I'll PM you about them. :)

Thanks for the great review! <3