Reviews for "[ACD]The REAL Death of SC"


^^Good Points^^
A decent ACD movie. I liked how SBC was jamming all the time in the back of your truck, that was funny.

^^Needs Improving^^
The graphics were pretty bad. You traced a car and animated it pretty poorly. The animations could have been much quicker, also the music didn't seem to fit the mood of this at all. Not a great movie.

This is about the flash of runescape

lol it s me again the guy who asked of the three questions, soory i forgot to put my name in my runescape account is called spikehamer plz add me.


deathxcs responds:

Ok.... will do!

A noble sacrafice

I wish he was dead. I did blam this due to poor graphics and animation, but I agree 110% with this.

deathxcs responds:

Nooo! The clocks must be stopped.

Hells yeah!

That's what are we talking about, to to continue and make some anti sunshine and antilock flashes 2,they 2 S@ck.
Good job on this flash!
Happy anticlock day!

deathxcs responds:

Ok... don't know why I got 10 for graphics.

But now it's in, may as well improve it.

There 2 violence you happy

Better be

deathxcs responds:

Thanks! This flahs is as good as gone though.