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Reviews for "Misty Wind"


I definetly noticed RIGHT AWAY that this was no Mario Paint!

And it's not bad either! Nice and relaxing. love the stream. Keep fiddlin with FL. Check out tutorials on Youtube and you can learn how to do a lot with it. And FL's potential REALLY opens up once you grab some VSTs, but I am not sure if the demo will support them- but I can't imagine that it wouldn't.

looking forward to more!

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Hey thanks, I wish I actually knew what I was doing with FL-Studio though.

Yes, it's Ambient

CameronD doesn't listen to ambient music, I take it.

To be critical, I thought that the strings in the background were doing a ye-olde British chord progression, and it pissed me off. It didn't help with the ambiance. But the noises and the chimes went well together. I think I would have preferred less movement with the strings and a more simple, slower moving chord progression.

But that's what I was looking for, and doing what I tell you certainly isn't art.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

yeah... that was just the effect that happen to came out of it. apparently high strings end shorter, so when I tried to create chords, the notes came downwards as such. It fit an ambient tune which is why i did such. lol. Anyways like i said on cameronD's reply I do happen to have more music on here. So please check it out, I need the help. Even though MPC is so much easier to use then FL-Studio. Writing Staff Music is easier then composing via midi.


I can't honestly give you any higher than a 3 on this. I understand that this is one of your first works, but it's an ambient song that is just that: ambient noises. There is no real song to it. This is kind of the reason I don't post any of my first works. When I first started out, I covered all my crappy song writing with background noises.

Please understand this: I do not think you are a terrible artist. As with all people, we all have great potential to make great music, but it has to be that: music. So, I would love to here another song from you and I promise that if you pm me I will write you a review.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

k i'll do just that, I have several other songs that are not ambient and made on mario paint. this was my first try at FL-Studio the demo. Thanks for you advice. I'll definately make more.