Reviews for "Silent Hill 2: CE"


I always wanted to play silent hill 2, but never haved the chance.

heads up

for anybody thats wondering, when hes running the techno song is running in the 90's


I still can't get enough of this! I can't tell you how many times in the past I watched this when i didnt even have an account on here and my friends and I would just crack up in class over this. "WHO ZAAAID THAAAAT??"

Best Funny!!!!

This is a best flash!!!!

Haha.. nice SH parody.

Was tempted to give this a 9 just because there seems to be no conclusion, well at least not yet anyway.

But aside from that, there really is nothing wrong with it, so a 10 it got. Any SH fan would really enjoy this.

"II'd Better go check it oouut!!1" <--- 1ofmany favorite parts xD