Reviews for "Silent Hill 2: CE"

Great flash

It was great. it shows the humor of the truth in the game. Nothing more to say then i can't wait to see more and i hope there as good or even better!!!


I Really enjoyed watching this flash. It was a good mix of humor and mystery. I can't wait until the next one. Keep it up!


i dont know why this is getting the whistle. seems pretty good to me XD. MAKE MORE!!!


that was truely awesome and plz for the love of all that is unholy and sinful plz plz tell me your doing another!!!!! oh ad im srry to say the only thing that let you down was the sound.... it was a little distorted and low at times but other then that.......SWEET!!!

That was beautiful.

Great work! Finally a Silent Hil movie that gives the wooden plank its justice as the most bad ass weapon ever.