Reviews for "Silent Hill 2: CE"

Funny then, funny now

If only Part 2 was still in the works.

I remember watching this back in 2007 and it is just as funny today as it was back then! The bits that always make me crack up are the graveyard with Angela, the Retard Moment when he yells "I Better Go Check It Out" and when he witnesses PyramidHead.... I really hope there will be a Part 2 someday!

this is absolutely hilarious my friend showed this to me and I could not stop laughing the whole entire time I really can't wait until the sequel to it well done

I am nuts about this animation! XD it never gets old.
"there's no monst..steerrrrrrrr...." O_O
XD excellent!

the comedy is awesome and the animation itself just makes it even more funny. lol

btw the link to the youtube is banned. so idk what happened there. are they going to upload that trailer on newgrounds? will there be a link to the 2nd one? im dying to see it when its done. :)