Reviews for "Fracture"


Was way too easy to get surrounded. Other than that, really good game.

Not too bad

Good, fairly fun. Just a tad bit like Geometry Wars, eh? But still. Controls are a little wonky though, and the enemies really shouldn't spawn literally on top of you. That, and I agree with a previous review, it does progress a little too fast to get a good handle on the controls. Overall, though? Good for some retro shooter fun.

pretty good

they keep spawning on me, i don't seem to be getting my upgrades from 'laser upgrade' all the time(they just don't effect my gun), and by exploding them they send the evil pink ones hurtling towards you! i hate the pink ones so much...

overall it is pretty fun, and you can always try to beat your previous record, worth a play or two.

this game is ok i guess

yeah this game could be better in alot of ways


it was pretty mucha bad version of geometry wars. Oh well it was ok anyway.