Reviews for "Fracture"


I played this game until I got 14 million, then I died. This game could use a few things:

-MORE POWERUPS! I liked the three laser upgrades, but that was all there was. I actually hated the laser that just gives you one more square to shoot, and the rapid fire kinda sucked. The huge wave shot was awesome! But for some reason, whenever I get it, I always loose it very quickly, AND IT BARELY SHOWS UP! I think you should add on to the powerups, so when you have a certain powerup, you can upgrade THAT powerup, because I noticed you don't get any bombs or lives when you have a powerup, that sucked.

-Color coded powerups! I thyink you should be able to tell what you are gonna get! This would make the game much easier.

-Multiplayer? THAT WOULD BE KICK ASS!!!!!!

Pretty good

this was really something different!

-The graphics are decent.(good backround, nice touch!)
-I think you need to work a bit harder on the style.
-The sound was very annoying after awhile.
-The way you hilighted the objects was a good effect.
-i like the walls, but you must change the sound, thats also annoying.
-i didnt like the powerups, you need to make more
-that earthquake guy was very disorientating, good obstacle!

I think you need to work harder on your submissions, this flash showed you had potential!

Nice game

Nice game, woot number 40 spot

simple but addictive

the graphics could be better but that doesnt matter as its addictive and sort of like the old games like space invaders, the graphics were shite but loads of people liked it...

An addictive shooter, I loved it!

This was a really cool retro shooter that should be recognized by all! I liked that you had to turn by pressing certain shoot buttons, really cool. At first I played it for about 15 seconds and went to close the window but then I just got drawn in. Very few games can keep me occupied like that!