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Reviews for "searching for the rainbow"

very nice

Front page material for sure. I love your style, your drawing ability is very good too. I hope this gets front page cause its soo awesome. I noticed that you said its something different that your not used to, well your pulled it off without flaws.

Keep up the amazing work!

grabbelfant responds:

Most of my movies, got lot's of humor in it, but I wanted to try something different. The first thing i thought when i heard this music was: woow, this would be great in one of my animations. so I used it. Because a funny animation wouldn't fit with the music, I tried this. thank you for liking it :D


Just amazingly beautiful, everything was smooth and well thougt out. The music and animation came perfectly together.

Excellent Job!

Love Always!


This flash was amazing, literally the best i have ever seen on newgrounds to date. I hope this makes the front page, and i think it will. Keep up the good work.

grabbelfant responds:

thanks, I will keep up the good work :P

what the hell?

this was strangely like one of the coolest flashes ive seen. i dont know what it is about it, but ur style is awesome. great job, i hope to see more like this!

grabbelfant responds:

thank you

Wonderful black and white & then colors!

Great music. Having your black and white changeover into colors was very nice. Graphics were not the best but the rainbow and colors redeemed it as well as the beautiful music. Thanks for a job well done!