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Reviews for "searching for the rainbow"

it was ok

i liked the idea
some sort of life theme, at least thats how i saw it
you grow up, meet someone
sometimes you have to give up things in order to continue (the teddybear meaning the childhood)
then at the end is the rainbow and some sort of paradise
the rain could mean the hard things in life perhaps

you could have done better though
but above all it was good

hope to see some more from you

To tell ya the truth

I for one think you could of done better, i think its better then ones you did before.
it was all going good, then the character turned sideways and practicully dissapaered. then later he was a stick figure, even though he was far away, you could of gave him more, like, figure. not to be rude but their mouths were barely there. I'm extremely picky i know, sorry. But maybe work on your thin lines and making them a few pxls thicker. the music was awsome for the settings. and i liked how it was done in all black and white ...good job i think . but you could of done better.

grabbelfant responds:

you're totally right about the fact that I could have done some things better. But i just wanted to finish it very quickly. thanks for the suggestions though.

very nice

Front page material for sure. I love your style, your drawing ability is very good too. I hope this gets front page cause its soo awesome. I noticed that you said its something different that your not used to, well your pulled it off without flaws.

Keep up the amazing work!

grabbelfant responds:

Most of my movies, got lot's of humor in it, but I wanted to try something different. The first thing i thought when i heard this music was: woow, this would be great in one of my animations. so I used it. Because a funny animation wouldn't fit with the music, I tried this. thank you for liking it :D