Reviews for "B0UNC3 - Here we go (Club"

1:40 - The Good became Great

I was likin' it and nodding my head up until that point -- Then I my mind was just blown by how well it picked up and took off! I couldn't help but grinning through the rest of the song. Awesome stuff man, continue on doin' what you do!



Nice Euro Dance track mate. Very well done.



The song is great. It's energetic, the bass is awesome in this, and the piano is cool too at 1:00. the song is great overall. Good song. 10 stars.


A bit generic and predictable, but mindblowing production as usual. You should make a big b0unc3 sample back and post it on NG, or something. That would be super cool of you.

Although, not the best of one of you're older songs. I really like the starting!
This has to be one of you're best older songs B0unc3.
I really like the melody and the mixing so far.
Even tha drops!