Reviews for "B0UNC3 - Here we go (Club"


I am so using this song fo my upcoming birthday!!!
------------just copying the 3 guys before me----------


You ahve just Face Raped and Butt Fucked the whole of the Dance audio portal. Thankyou %u2665

I'm sure most will agree with me

I'd sign it mate

This song may not have the "general perspective" most of your older work contains, but it's a fine piece of dance music, leading me to believe there's still hope for this genre. You've always had a way of amazing me with a new -(unseen by my techno peering eyes)- vision of musical talent. If anyone here has a chance -or the talent -to make it, it's you. Truly the one I can honestly say with little exaggeration (for dramatic effect) that I've downloaded every song from your profile, and went on to youtube your name until I produced a list of insulting remakes or fakes, flaming them for the CAUSE OF BOUNCE!

Fun!!! =3

Have you ever made a bad song before? It seems like you havn't. Haha!

I love the break beat in the start and the bass in this song

B0UNC3 responds:

Thanks :D, I'm actually playing around with a 2018 edit of this track right now. Maybe I'll post it :)