Reviews for "B0UNC3 - Here we go (Club"

Oh here we went, Martin, we went.

Hey dude! I already like this song a lot from your previous uploads and I think that the 'new' intro is effing fantastic. I love random shit like the sample at :11 lmao. The outro is nice as well. I read your description as I listened and well.. you covered all your bases/disclaimers as usual Mr. Sound Designer.

It's good to see a heartbeat coming from ol' B0UNC3 once in a while on NGs!

-- Chris
5/5 :D

awesome job

this song is just so awesome!
it empowers me,gives me so much energy!


I am so using this fo my up coming goat sacrifice!!!!
-Didn't really want to break the trend-


I am so using this song fo my upcoming bar-mitzvah!!!
--I'm not Jewish :D--

allways seem to amaze me marting

i dont know why, but this melo reminds me of jurrasic park
heheheh.. anyway your awsome

never stop producing.