Reviews for "B0UNC3 - Here we go (Club"

glad your back at it.

I needz some B0UNC3 in my life xD, Good job as usual. The cuts aren't even noticeable




Thank you man! Thank you for just simply making awesome music. Listening to your stuff it just feels effortless for you to create godly stuff, this ofcourse I do realize is not true ;D, and I give you credit for how you manage to create such a good quality of music, the dedication is astonishing!
Don't ever stop making music man, you're way too good. :D



there's a short version 2:51 that doesn't have all of the things you don't like...

Pretty good :)

Would like it to start around 0:40. From there it's pretty good. I'm not sure I like the sudden jump to the outro. I don't like it after 4:08. But I know you can't open it. You may be able to unless Fruity Loops keeping f***ing you.