Reviews for "B0UNC3 - Here we go (Club"

I'd sign it mate

This song may not have the "general perspective" most of your older work contains, but it's a fine piece of dance music, leading me to believe there's still hope for this genre. You've always had a way of amazing me with a new -(unseen by my techno peering eyes)- vision of musical talent. If anyone here has a chance -or the talent -to make it, it's you. Truly the one I can honestly say with little exaggeration (for dramatic effect) that I've downloaded every song from your profile, and went on to youtube your name until I produced a list of insulting remakes or fakes, flaming them for the CAUSE OF BOUNCE!

way to go..

You totally just made everyone elses dance songs look like crap after you posted this songgg :/ hahahahah GREAT JOB BOUNC3.. YOU ARE A GOD


You ahve just Face Raped and Butt Fucked the whole of the Dance audio portal. Thankyou %u2665

I'm sure most will agree with me


A bit generic and predictable, but mindblowing production as usual. You should make a big b0unc3 sample back and post it on NG, or something. That would be super cool of you.

Awesome mix.

This is definitely one of the best dance tracks on here. The melodies are catchy and it keeps everything moving. Keep up the good work.