Reviews for "B0UNC3 - Here we go (Club"

Although, not the best of one of you're older songs. I really like the starting!
This has to be one of you're best older songs B0unc3.
I really like the melody and the mixing so far.
Even tha drops!

I love the break beat in the start and the bass in this song

B0UNC3 responds:

Thanks :D, I'm actually playing around with a 2018 edit of this track right now. Maybe I'll post it :)

Holy dicks... its a complete shame you're off newgrounds and you're not making tunes still this is proper good, nothing like handz up bro its such a happy great genre, you said you're making edm and electro, poor fucking choice imo bro. Get back into that genre bro... you'll rock it... Chur chur from NuroGL and by the way if you see this I'll sign you on my record label

Fun!!! =3

Have you ever made a bad song before? It seems like you havn't. Haha!


This is another great Mining Melancholy remix and no.7 in My Top Mining Melancholy remixes compilation cartoon i'm working on with a friend.

Oh yeh DKC2 FTFW!!!!