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Reviews for "Classic Balloon Fight"

A Good Start

Good start to a classic. I found it a little too easy for the Fight Mode, and too hard for the Balloon Trip. The sound bits were awesome because they were from the original.

Some things I would recommend is to have an AI for the enemy, and to add the fish and lightning strikes in Fight Mode. Also, there was no real instructions on how to fly in Fight Mode, and the controls were a little dull compared to the real game. Other than that, I hope to see another version of the game in the near future.

A nice re-make of the NES original.

Lot's of innovation used here. Play in the fight mode with the keyboard or in balloon trip with the mouse! A good idea, but it has been done before.

well done

i've played ballon fight and i'd like to say well done

cool retro

That was pretty cool and everything and i didn't check out everything (i'm real tired n in rush)

Truthfully, I only played the baloon trip mode, but what was the that? I mean mouse control is great for other games, not this one though.

I didn't check out the other controls, so perhaps you have it, instead of mouse control have like a button to hit. Or even for the mouse have us click or something. To go up and have gravity so we go down. Because thats part of the fun in this game

Otherwise all the sounds a graphics were pretty sweet. So I liked all that. Good job!

This also a great job, if this is really your first flash.

keep on, keepin on buddy


tank2tank responds:

Play fight mode. It might make you a bit happier.

good game

that was a pretty fun game, quite addicting which make this one an excellent time-killer. the classic 8-bit setting to this game made this game a lot more enjoyable too, gave it a ncie change from some 3d games.
good work on this game.