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Reviews for "Classic Balloon Fight"


Ha i had fun with this, a sorta new twist on the new game, fun stuff though, and i love how you kept it in its old style of graphics, a fun and silly game, keep up the good work...

Maybe some mixture of new art and old sprites...

Funny classic game with a twist...


Fun old-school game, but time's up too fast

Well it's your first flash game as it's my first review, and actually i'd be really proud if mine was as cool as yours. I really like the old-school graphics and sound. I only had one problem, in fighting mode, with the time-limit. Maybe i'm a real bad player, but without wasting much time, time was up before i managed to knock down the third man in level 2. Over reviews don't mention it, so am i the slowest balloon-banger of NG or is there a problem with my flash/computer/... ?

tank2tank responds:

Dunno. I never found the time limit an issue. Your flash could be running a bit slow. But I'm going to try to sort this out in the sequel.

hey hey hey

man...this is a fun, fun game. i wish fight mode had a ton of levels or at least got hard...i got 3000 points on my second try...but the balloon flight thing was fun and hard for me. it took me 3 tries to get past 400 points. maybe i just suck, but it definately is fun anyway


Heheh, this is a fun game. My only problem is that the background is dark!

tank2tank responds:

Dark? The original had a dark background.

good game

that was a pretty fun game, quite addicting which make this one an excellent time-killer. the classic 8-bit setting to this game made this game a lot more enjoyable too, gave it a ncie change from some 3d games.
good work on this game.