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Reviews for "Rock 'em (WIP)"

sounds original

sounds new fresh and awesome to top it off, good job :)


I did NOT expect this on NG. This is great! The beefy snare is sexy man. And like Afterfall said, the intro was great, I love the synths. The buildup was amazing, I love how it drops. You've got some talent, keep it up!


Skela responds:

Thanks :)


An amazing improvement from the last version of this track!!!! I especially liked the intro.

I will say, however, that you may have pitched down your snare samples too much. You can really hear it, and it brings the whole track down. You can have really bassy snares without having to pitch them down so much. And if my ears aren't failing me, you seem to have left some other snares pitched higher, creating this wierd "chord" effect. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyhoodles, this track is still amazing, I honestly can't wait for the final version :)

Skela responds:

I didnt pitch any of the snares down, I just beefed them up with processing.
It's a matter of taste I guess, I love beefy snares.
Thanks for the review.


Awesome. Very upbeat and lively.

love it

epic pwns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!