Reviews for "Sonic Halo Poster"


best bik EVER


Very well made, the datails are awsome, but the only thing that looks kinda wierd is storm... he just looks... wierd man

Enjoyed it.

It's really good, I saw Sonic Halo. And I like how you mixed Halo with Sonic.
You made the Master Chief's armor really good with Sonic, it suits with him. Mighty is good with the shield - i'm not a big Halo fan, but I'm of Counter Strike-
Anyway, I see that some characters didn't appear in Sonic Halo yet: Tails (Marine) Shadow (ODST) and Amy (Cortana) I hope you make them appear in the second episode.
But, dude, you made first Sonic Halo you left it and you started making Sonic Shorts. Why don't you come back a little bit with Sonic Halo?
5/5 9/10


THIS IS AWSOME sonic as master chief,shadow as ODST,echidna as honor guards,amy as cortana,tails as a marine,mighty as johnson,knuckles as arbiter,strom i think is that brute cheiftan guy,eggman as prophet of truth well i think so and the two robotniks as regret and mercy HOPE YOU MAKE MORE!


*drooling all over the artwork* so... epic... so... awesome...