Reviews for "the cheater"


i see you got a stlye going
should get into childrens books

For some reason,

This might as well be my favourite art piece of all time. There's something about your art style, or rather, about the picture's atmosphere that I want to marry. Maybe it's the sheer amount of 'unnecessary' details which aren't quite unnecessary and maybe the colours used cause me to feel warm and safe when looking at this work of yours.

What the fuck, excuse me as click the link to your profile.

Great art style

I really love your art style. This piece of art is now in my favorites. And, when you'll make more, I'll probably add them in my favorites too.


6x9 chess boards? How exactly would you go about playing chess on these?

Dude You reaLLy put a LoT of Effortss in Here.. =D