Reviews for "LEARN2FLASH: Filters"

Thank You

Thank you. Im doing an animation myself and this tutorial explained the basics i need for the effects. Keep up the good work.

This dosent tell very much.

This only tells you how to do a few basic things that most people should just be able to figure out on their own. I'm a total noob and i didn't learn a damn thing.But then again, i knew how to use the filters and layer effects in Adobe Photoshop which is quite similar to flash.


if you want to know other things check out Flash4beginners or Ultimate Tutorial 2... also happen to be some tutorials i made that eveyrone uses...
I just covered some stuff i didnt yet cover in my other tutorials in here.

Thank you

Thanks man. that was really helpful. I am definitely gonna check out ultimate tutorial 3.


wont be released untill summer 2007 though, iwanna wait untill flash 9 is out before i start on it.


Thanks, dude!! Now I finally now, how to put the blur effect! Good job!

its good...but somehow annoying

I liked it but the mouse was annoying...i couldnt see where it actually was pointing because the circles got in the way grr
i learned a few things thou so thanks! :D