Reviews for "LEARN2FLASH: Filters"

Thank you!!

thanks your tutorial really helped me learned alot more
about Flash!! LOL
Thanks your the BEST!! ^__^

Pretty good.

It's a decent tutorial, but I was looking for more help on dynamic filters using Actionscript. It's pretty good for explaining basic filters and making it easier to understand what they do tho.

Helpful Indeed!

Being a flash novice that I am, and also trying to understand the basics of it to make a flash animation; this tutorial was defiantly helpful for me :D. Thank you for your tutorial info and making me aware that their are filters that can be used in the recent flash. It sure does save a lot of hassle from doing these filter affects on photoshop and transferring it back to flash. Thank you again. :D

Amzing stuff

dude this tut really helped me it wood br greaat if you showed us how u desighned dat mouse to KEEP IT UP!

nice tutorial

that was a pretty nice tutorial. it was pretty basic, but basic tutorials are actually some of the better ones out there, especially when they are helpful and informative.