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Reviews for "Castle Crashin' The Song"


best rap of CC ive ever heard if my friends hear this thier gonna be WOWed i owe u a big one :) .

oakay okay you got it

I like what you did with the subject matter. The production isn't bad. Room for improvement but not bad. No one raps about stuff like this and I like what you did with it. I can see myself bumpin this track while playing video games. Keep it up. Seriously keep it up. If you got the time I would love to see what you can do to a donkey kong country 2 song. the songs on that game can make for some hot beats and flows. That's just an idea if you want to.

Anthouse21 responds:

Aight no problem i can see myself doing that. That was actually my first song about a game really. Thanks for the comment though!

This beat is overwhelming

After hearing this fantastic beat with the lyrics i'm finally transported into the world of castle crashing.

I still got to say the lyrics is tight. It's pretty rare for me to hear an epic hip hop beat flow through well with it's lyrics. My only down point is that the lyrics vocal could be a little bit sharper. Not to let the epic beat take over. (maybe it's just me)

Other than that

Great job man!! I am Definently looking forward to more of what you've got. Keep up the good work!!

Anthouse21 responds:

Lol yea man im still working on my mixing and mastering, not on point with that yet. But thanks alot man that was a great comment im glad to be the one to bring you into the world of castle crashing!!

holy shiz.

This was amazing.
I'm not usually a fan of hip-hop but this sounded so good.
The lyrics were well thought out, and flowed well.
Really loved it.


Keep at it.

Anthouse21 responds:

Thanks alot man im glad u liked it. And will keep at it lol thanks again!


First off, love the intro. Never get tired of that little "Anthouse Beat VROOM" intro lol. You took DavidOrr's epic orchestral and added you're usual hip-hop flavor. I like it!

Liking the lyrics here. How long have you been working on this flow? I especially like how the lyrics progress with the story. From fighting the catfish all the way to the final battle with the evil magician.

A little hitch though. It's actually Orange, not Yellow. It's no problem really, because Yellow works just as well.

Definitely your best Castle Crasher track.

Anthouse21 responds:

LOL My friend told me that about the yellow orange thing, orange just didnt sound right at all to me. But thanks im glad u noticed the storyline also. I actually had this idea for this song last year sometime but u know how that goes. But great comment and i thank ya again!