Reviews for "Aqua Slug"


... this is a really, really good game! I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't want a non-violent Metal Slug game? The graphics, whilst obviously based on the Metal Slug sprites are creative and very well drawn, the animation is superb and the whole game oozes style. The sound effects however, were "only" adequate (but really, it couldn't be much better in any case) and the music, although good, extremely appropriate and well selected, was a bit repetitive... almost inevitable in a game like this.
The gameplay was, however, flawless (albeit a bit slow, but that may have just been my computer), the level design was very creative (although the narrow corridors are a bit of a cheap death, no way to jump out of the way) with the same going for the enemies and weapons design. Or better yet, they were Very creative! This is really, really good stuff, extremely well made and it the effort really shows. Congrats and kudos for a truly excellent game!

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

thanks a lot. It's always a pleasure to read a well thought out and written review, especially from someone who likes the game.

If it runs slow, try changing the quality to low or downloading the game

Yay thats awesome man!

Metal Slug watergunwar edition XD That was really cool, it was fun to play that! Two thumbs up ^_^


Its way too hard by the time you get to the final guy you have 9 lives left and the robot just pummels you while you attack the midgit

that was fun

that was a cool game but there was one thing i think that would have made it better isget rid of the sceneary infront of the game play. that got annoying sometimes oh and the sand shovel was genius

Shut up. cheap skates!

Older games were faer like this- where youre not a 100HP character and all enemies are 1 HP.. it's the challenge!
Not a mature reason to give 1s and 0s.

It's original, artistic and quite relaxing game!
Only complaint is that runing is too slow.. wish movements were little faster.

Other then this- awesome!
Music adds to atmospheare!
Maybe more sound effects wouldn't hurt!