Reviews for "Aqua Slug"

buen juego

year 2019 my childhood game

well this is far best metal slug parody flash game. and it's classic of flash run n gun
graphic is nice and demonstrating metal slug elements well i love idea that turn everything gun and explode to water and beach

but one thing i dislike is troops AI, their too fast, some enemies can't even deal with because it pop's up suddenly this makes hard to clear normal difficulty but other than that it's worth it

Year 2016, still playing and enjoying...
Man, what a classic! I love this game. it was challenging and fun!
But it also was pretty hard. I could not beat the game on MEDIUM difficulty after 2 attempts, so I decided to try EASY. I almost lost (4 lives left!!!) but I liked the ending.
Hard to believe that this was meant to be a minigame for a contest, it is too good!
But it would be nice if there was a way to heal the character, he is doing extremely much damage but he is loosing lives to quickly. This is a bad balance.
Anyways, great job! One of my favorite games on NG! :)

year 2015 still playing