Reviews for "Aqua Slug"


this game could use more features

Am I a bad person?

Theres something about slapping the bajeezus out of someone elses kid so hard that their glasses fall of there heads that I find oddly satisfying, other than that, it was ok but very repedative with many times where you have no chice but to die and lose your power ups, but meh its ok. also in regard to the glitch, I got to the last boss and he just hovered above me doing his repotoir of moves on me to no effect, I just stood there, dumb founded as to how a kid made this contraption lol, also I dont use firefox, I use explorer if that means anything.

i agree with guy with luigi pic

it was bad i mean the slap was the only good thing in the game


that includes this game. only good thing:......... i'll get back to you on that

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

its actually SAND IN THE FACE


this game is long!!!