Reviews for "Aqua Slug"


this is pretty awesome 10 for the weapons =P

notbad really

its not that bad 1

no babes?

This is a beach where are th thongs and topless???

Lighthearted fun, but lacks continues.

This game is a nice change from all the violent games that exist. Here we have a simple bloke at the beach...owning noobs with a watergun!
Teabagging is always fun.

Though you get 100 lives, there needs to be a continue. Nothing worse than getting to the final boss and dying :(

Overall, fun and simple little game.

Points for Nostalgia

And an original idea. However, the foreground scenery where ALWAYS placed where new enemies were spawning, so 9 of every 10 deaths was because I couldn't see some snot-nosed little punk shooting me. Also, the controls had a bit of lag, which made shooting under you a real hassle. Other than that, good game.