Reviews for "Aqua Slug"

that is cool

i love make kids cry


WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE WRITE THESE BIG ASS REVIEWS? ya ya ya i know about freedom of speech and such but what if some guy writes a secret in the game and then mister big ego comes along and writes it off??!!????over all the game wuz awzume :3

Nice Metal Slug variation

I'm all for challenge, but sometimes challenge comes in the form of cheapness in game design. Now, I must preface by saying that the controls responded very well. I never died because the game didn't do what I asked it to. More where I would say the game needed improvement was in control capability and in AI function.

In the controls... there were times that I needed to aim downward and my only recourse was to jump and at that I could only move forward to aim downward. As a result, contrary to typical tactical logic, the higher ground was almost certain death because it was nearly impossible to get a shot I needed to take without exposing myself to much too much counterfire.

At the same time, the enemy AI was annoying. I actually had an easier time with the bosses because they had definite patterns that could be exploited. But the rank-and-file enemies were far more of a threat because of two problems. First, because they follow my movements lock-step. This ties into the higher ground issue, as there was no way to clear out enemies below me from a higher ledge because those enemies stayed exactly underneath me. I was lucky if they couldn't fire upward through the platform on which I was standing, because then at least we were at a stalemate. But like I said, there was really little that I could do to clear the ground below me. I had to jump down and hope that the 6 or more enemies that were beneath me weren't going to all shoot up and kill me. Water baloons were useless because they fly at an arc and don't bounce off the walls, so somebody 180 degrees below me would be perfectly safe from them.

Second, that these enemies can react to my movements and shoot at me before I can even move the screen over to see that they're there. Many times I died because I scrolled the screen over into a hail of bullets. One time I literally died as soon as the screen changed over from one section to the other because the bullets were already coming at me before the screen even fully faded back in and I had maybe a split second to get out of the way of the three people all shooting at me from different heights. Too many cheap deaths occurred because of me being unable to react fast enough to a hail of bullets that was already fired before I ever got there.

Other than that, good game.

Good, But Could Be Better

its a nice idea and i like the little nods to Metal Slug. However, the levels could have done with more variation, and more bosses would have been fun. Some more of that Metal Slug humour would have been nice too. Also, the final level dragged on too long, and it could have done with a little bit of a cut, or least mroe variation or a mini boss or two.

Overall, it is a nice game and a nice idea, but it could do with a tighter level design, more variation and more than just two real boss fights (I do not count the hot air balloons as bosses)


i like smacking the little kids :D