Reviews for "S.O.A.P SNAKE EATER"


that was fuckin funny make more plz!!!

Mechabloby responds:


Wanna know something?

This was originally going to be with pacman but that idea was crap so, I did snakes on a plane. :)

were is song from

I loved the game just were is song from whats bnad

Mechabloby responds:

Another guy asked the same thing.

The song is,

SNAKES ON A PLANE (bring it) - cobra starship

If you goto snakesonaplane.com you can see it's music video. :)


dude i love how you used cobra starship in the game if i could i would have given sound an 11 great game overall!!

Mechabloby responds:

cool. :)

Thanks for your 11. :P (10)

Wellllll Cooool

This game is cool, but the only problem with it is I couldnt tell which snakes to eat and which ones were to big. This as always resulted in ME getting eaten :'(. I AM GOIN TO GET A SCORE OF 1 MILLION OR SO HELP ME I'LL.....!

Mechabloby responds:

You can't get a million. :P

I Beat

I beat thre mutha fucking snakes on the mutha fucking plane