Reviews for "S.O.A.P SNAKE EATER"


Better than your fishy game :D the problem is, it's hard to tell if you're bigger than a snake or not, since you're not the same shape as they are. lol maybe I should make my own SOAP snake eater now :P no jk i won't.

Mechabloby responds:

Aw. Go on. :P

Thanks, glad you liked it. :)

pretty good

finished it but theres too many big snakes at the beginning, and maybe you could put in like a munch sound when he eats a snake. good game.

Mechabloby responds:

It is quite an easy game isn't it. :S

Oh and there is meant to be alot of big snakes. To make it a challenge for new people to the game. :)

Thanks for your review. :D


OK...first...the Samuel's head still grow and grow and don't stop to grow...i had the feeling that he will eat me soon...pretty scary...

a little boring after a while...but nice game...

oh and...the head move very slowly...try to fix it...and make more little snakes for the beginning...

Good game...but...that's it

Mechabloby responds:


Great Game

Great game.. There is awsome graphics.

Only problem is when your away from the snakes it stills says you were eaten by one

too many big snakes come and his head is too slow

Mechabloby responds:

That does happen but not all the time, I got his head to fill the screen. :)

Thanks for the review.


that was fuckin funny make more plz!!!

Mechabloby responds:


Wanna know something?

This was originally going to be with pacman but that idea was crap so, I did snakes on a plane. :)