Reviews for "S.O.A.P SNAKE EATER"


2 easy =(

Mechabloby responds:



I don't really know what to say about the game, but the music was great. What is the name of the song and the artist? :P

Mechabloby responds:

Cobra starship - snakes on a plane (BRING IT)

Or it is just bring it. :D

too easy

its like fishy except after you eat like 5 snakes theres never any big enough to eat you so basicaly its just a picture of the guys face growing by the second. its fun the first time you play because you think your accually doing good. its more of a joke than a game but its pretty funny.


It was a pretty good fishy rippoff. I really liked the music too. Kind of catchy. Pluss since fishy is one of the greatest games that makes this game pretty average. And it was good how the snakes got bigger as you got bigger.

Samuals head looked incredibly stupid. I would have rather had a badly drawn head then that. Also I didnt know what snakes I could and couldnt eat. And the snakes tails really anoyed me.

Too Easy

'IVE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHERFUCKING SNAKE IN THIS MOTHERFUCKING GAME"! but yea it was way too easy (After awile the snakes dont grow any larger but Samual L Jackson does. his head fit the whole screen) next time fix that ;P

Mechabloby responds:

I know. It gets very easy. For those who win, I'm thinking about adding a video to it. :)