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Reviews for "Joe Zombie :: Episode 6"


this i the best episode in the sereis in my opinon,anyway using Jurassic Park music was a good idea for that one part.And are you gonna make the next episode?I'm itching for action!


I saw this movie several times, so now I finally decided to review it. I think it is incredible, way better than the other JZ episodes in the series. It literally gave me the chills. I loved the ending, and I can't wait to see episode 7. Keep up the good work man :D

Amazing Rob! absolutely amazing!

Dude joe zombie series is the best! I mean you really forget that it's an animation and all it turns into a real movie and the story is great too; simply loved when Schell kills Baxter in the end.. that was pretty surprising.. now I'm wondering: when Baxter said to Joe: "If my bullet didn't kill you than what makes you think yours is gonna kill me" could that mean we might be having a new zombie? hehe very curious what will happen next. I know it's hard work making them and all but please don't take too long Rob :)


I've waited so long...


This is the best stick seris ever created. Theis just ceep getting better and better! I cant wait for the seventh to come out. Keep you the good work!