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Reviews for "Joe Zombie :: Episode 6"

I'd agree with Cheerious here.
I do realize people would expect perfection as the next installment (if it is ever to be created).
However, the series were quite successful. If this is where it ends, it does seem kinda sad actually...

Joe Zombie as a series is well over 15 years old, this one's around the age of 12. Goddamn, doesn't time just fly right past us?
Age long waiting aside, the film holds up really well. Baxter's death could have been entirely avoided if he had shot Joe in the cage to begin with, and then all that info was shown in a flashback, but I could take a guess that it was mainly done for dramatic cliffhanger purposes. For a really long time, I thought Joe looking like a midget compared to Baxter was an error, and then I realized that's his actual size. Joe is actually just a goddamn gremlin, and I love it.
That first thing is just a nitpick. Joe might not be talked about in general Newgrounds conversation that much anymore, but I think this having a place just a few pages into the Classics section is well deserved.

i miss the old ''joe hidralisk'' series

Just so people know...

I met Rob D at London Expo 2013 and spent a bit of time with him talking about animation. I asked him about Joe Zombie 7 and as far as he knows it's still just a storyboard and he might finish the series - might - because of how much he's changed with animation (especially with Cyanide and Happiness + Explosm Entertainment).

All in all, we can only hope for the next episode.

Apart from that, always been watching these and I'll always remember them!

Where did the author go after 2006? Leaving a bitter series like this unresolved is just irrsponsible!