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Reviews for "Joe Zombie :: Episode 6"

Been waiting longer than Joe in the grave right about now.

Good Movie. Better than the last 5

Okay, I'll admit. This is pretty fucking good. For 2006 these effects are outstanding. Your quality suffers a little bit with respect to some movements that should have easing as well as frame by frame sequences, mainly because of how lanky the characters are - Castle III showed a much smoother style a year later - but that doesn't take away much from how far this series has come and how much work has gone into a strong voice cast and visual effects. A couple lines of dialogue feel canned but other than that this is outstanding and holds up pretty well even today. Hard to imagine it's been over ten years since this came out.

Like everyone else, I loved this movie! I'm especially impressed at how it's held up. I mean, there's lots of older stuff but this is still very impressive. I just love the animation. I had no idea sticks could look so smooth. You really don't see much of them anymore.

I guess the Stick Slayer did his job. It was great to get into Joe's origin. I wish there were more Cyanide & Happiness stuff here. You're still talented in whatever you do. The shading's great too.

This awesome but it's a damn shame that it's been nearly 10 years since this came out yet there's no sequel. Here's to hoping that Rob Zombie Episode 7 is going to be made and going to be good!